About Us

Willow Tree Films is a creative cinematography team based in the Philadelphia area serving Philadelphia, NJ, NYC, and destinations worldwide. We take a creative approach to capturing the special moments in your life. Our films are hand-crafted using unique shots and imagery, attention to detail, and most importantly your story and vision. We are story tellers who strive to capture and create something that you will want to watch and relive for the rest of your lives.


We love that every event or project we film is unique. It could be a wedding venue, a styled photo shoot, a promotional video, or even bringing your child home for the first time. All of these situations allow us to and in some cases force us to be creative. We’re not afraid to walk in the mud, a busy street, or even into the freezing cold with twelve inches of snow on the ground. If we see a chance to be creative, we go for it.


We take our work very seriously. (It is our livelihood!) So we do our best to communicate with you in a timely fashion, show up before our scheduled time, and to deliver the best possible product to you that we can. When all is said and done, we want not only be known just as your cinematographers, but as your friends.


Our approach is simple. We have been on both sides of the camera so we know that it can be uncomfortable at times. Therefore, we take a more candid approach while filming. We don’t want to lead you or follow you. Instead, we want to be beside you, so we can understand you and capture your story. This will help us to be able to tell it in a way that will allow you to watch and relive it over and over again.

Meet the team

After many years in the creative industry, Greg started Willow Tree Films with the focus of capturing and telling stories. His passion for music, storytelling, and his attention to detail drive his film making. Greg loves playing, writing, and recording music, traveling, spending time with his friends and family, and always enjoys having Olivia by his side! Greg believes God has a plan for this company much bigger than his and trusts that He will continue to lead with great direction in all of his films.


Assistant/Second Shooter

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Olivia loves exploring, thrifting, and nine times out of ten you will always find her with her camera by her side capturing everything she can (DSLR or iPhone). When she isn’t out and about exploring, Olivia is spending time with her family and friends, but most definitely loves the time that she spends with Gregory! There is never a dull moment between the two of them, and together, “teamwork makes the dream work” (a quirky saying they have together) Olivia gives the credit for everything she does to Jesus Christ. He is the reason she is where she is at today and she is forever grateful and blessed for everything He has done in her life and continues to do in it! Psalm 13:5

We would love to work with you!